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Conditions: legal age (< 18), proofs of ID, income and employment, US citizen or resident, active bank account

When You Need Cash


Payday Loans in Texas

We are eager to offer you the best payday loan experience.

The application process is simple and straightforward and there is no paperwork or faxing. We help you get the cash online as fast as it is possible so that you could solve you financial problem without headache.

Payday loans are very convenient solution as they are easy to obtain and do not involve credit check; which speeds-up and simplifies the credit-granting process considerably.

Among all short-term and unsecured loan products payday loans have got the least number of requirements and the highest rate of approval as well. It is easy to get a loan provided that the simple requirements are met. All Texas citizens over 18 years old, employed and in possession of a checking account, are eligible to apply.

Despite their nature as loans for emergency needs, there are many other ways to use payday loans online; and taking into consideration the fact that they are the fastest to obtain loans at the market, it is absolutely clear why people choose cash advance. Here in Texas, there are a lot of lenders who can offer their services and we are ready to find you the best option.

Simple Applicaiton

Fill in and submit your application - it just takes a couple of minutes.

Instant Approval

Get approval immediately, no faxing, no hassle and time wasted.

No Credit Check

Bad credit is not a problem with us - we are ready to help all customers.

Fast Cash

Get the money deposited on your checking account within one business day.

Our Customers Feedback

I took a payday loan to cover my car repair bills. It's impossible to move around without a car and a payday loan allows not to wait for the wages to come.


Makes perfect sense to me as a single Mom. I take such loans from time to time - they do help me make it till the next month.


They helped me to pay my rent in time; with my paycheck a week away it would have been a REAL trouble. With a payday loan I do not have this headache any more.


I have never tried payday loans before and I had a lot of doubts about this particular service; but it turned out absolutely fine and I can recommend them to everyone who has cash emergency.



Average Loan Amount

1 month

Maximum Loan Term


Interest Rate Average


Average % of Loans/Person


At we represent a mediator company that does not offer payday loans or short-term unsecured loan products of any kind in the state of Texas directly. However, we have a very broad database of Texas-based payday lenders who we easily can match you up with. Taking into account your needs and requirements we provide assistance in finding you the most beneficial offer. All our partners are licensed and work in accordance with the Texas state laws.

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